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Longspan shelving

2013-6-15      View:
  • Brand   road
  • Type   RD-d002
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    Long Span Shelving is a modular frame and beam shelving system that caters easily for large bulk items. Roadracking Long Span Shelving is constructively similar to light pallet racking but designed to store non-palletised goods. This is an intermediate application between light and heavy-duty applications. Long span shelving is designed for loading/unloading goods manually without mechanical equipment. Stored goods can be from smallest components to large and awkwardly shaped items. Durable and precision engineered, our range is both durable and safe to use. It can be customized as per the specific requirements of our clients. Two tier, three tier and Multi Tiers racking shelves for storage solution.

1) Available in wide range of sizes and duties
2) Easily configured to meet your load volume, weight and handling requirements
3) Adjustable beam levels for varying pallet heights
4) Aisles designed for counter balance or reach truck operations




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