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Mobile racking RD-l001

2013-6-13      View:
  • Brand   road
  • Type   RD-l001
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    Roadracking mobile racking has come to include racking, mobile shelving solutions and more. If you are looking for racking solutions for your business we are confident we can meet all your requirements. It is a completely tailor-made system which is designed for todays modern offices for storage of Records, Box Files, Flat Files, Archives, Books, etc

    1) It can save upto 60% of floor space compared with conventional static shelving or increase storage capacity by almost 100%.
    2) The system glides on steel tracks and consist of mobile base units onto which different shelving options can be assembled.
    3) When a particular rack is required, the appropriate aisle is opened up by mechanical or electrically driven bases.
    4) By assembling bays on moveable bases , it is only necessary to have one aisle in an installation.




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