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Redirack compatible pallet rack

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  • Brand   road
  • Type   RD-b001
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    One of our most popular products in UK and Northern America, it can be compatible to the Redirack Pallet racking system. Redirack offers more unique rack upright styles and more upright sizes and gauges, more beam styles, sizes and gauges and more accessories than any other North American manufacturer. In short, Redirack has the solution to your Roll-Formed racking needs.
    The Redirack upright is rolled from high quality steel. Eight cold formed bends in the upright?ˉs section give it exceptional strength-to-weight performance and excellent resistance to twisting.
    Frame uprights are punched with a slot pattern that permits the insertion of beam connector brackets.
    The outside pair of slots on the upright is rectangular. These slots locate the rigidity lugs of the beam connector bracket.
    On standard uprights, a single central slot provides a location for the load bearing lugs of two adjacent beam connector brackets. Heavy duty uprights have a pair of slots accommodating the load bearing lugs of beam connector brackets.


    The beam options is step beam and box beam. Six lugs in each connector bracket locate into slots in the frame uprights beams tied to frames are secured against accidental dislodgement by a locking pin inserted in the locking pin slot in each beam connector bracket.
Beams are adjustable vertically on a pitch of 76.2mm---this basic adjustability cannot be varied.

Locking Pin
    The locking pin prevents accidental dislodgement of the beam.
Redirack locking pins are 3mm thick and zinc plated. The pin is similar in shape to a question mark. Two pins are used to secure each beam.
The redirack locking pin cannot vibrate out of position even if it?ˉs halfway out of its slot. It will only come out when lifted out by hand.





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