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Carton live storage

2013-6-15      View:
  • Brand   road
  • Type   RD-h001
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      Carton live storage / Carton flow rack is the optimal solution for compact storage and efficient order-picking. Carton live storage rack system consists of conventional shelving and rows of wheels. The height levels can be adjusted in small increments and the angle of inclination varied. The rails for the wheels are hung in and can be easily moved sideways. ?°First-in First-out?± is guaranteed

Carton live storage rack Feature:
1) Increase product density under each pallet bay to reduce cost of storage.
2) First In First Out (FIFO) flow of products, ensuring stock turnover.
3) Simply wheel into the required pallet bay, so can quick to install.
4) Reduces the required area for order picking operations, can save space.
5) Decreases pallet handling.
6) Carton live storage rack is flexible, can be mounted on castors, for quick easy relocation.
7) Lane widths are adjusted in seconds for product changes, improve flexibility.
8) Boxes can be presented tiled on an angle or staggered for easier picking, improve ergonomics.
9) Be tough, strong riveted roller system ensures rollers don?ˉt ?°pop out?±.
10) Be versatile, suits various widths and weights of cardboard boxes, plastic trays, moulded bins and products can even be run directly on rollers.

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