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Selective pallet racking

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  • Brand   road
  • Type   RD-e001
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Selective Pallet Racking is the most cost- effective way to utilise your available space and provides easy access to your stock.

1) The most commonly used pallet rack configuration in the market.
2) Ideal for warehouse, which need to keep a wide variety of products.
3) Direct storage and access to all pallets.
4) high capacity.
5) Easy stock.
6) easy to be installed and adjusted.
7) low equipment and capital costs.

1) Each system is mainly made up of upright frames and beams.
2) Each frame consists of 2 uprights (posts), 2 footplates and bracings.
3) Each storage level consists of 2 socketed beams.
4) Each beam level usually supports 2 or 3 pallets.
5) Supports any non-standard pallet sizes.
6) Different beam sizes are available for different load requirements.
7) Beam levels are adjustable in 75mm / 76.2mm pitch interval.
8) All components are epoxy powder coated except the galvanized footplates.
9) Accessories include shim, upright protector, row spacer, pallet support, half-pallet.




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