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  • Brand   road
  • Type   RD-j001
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    Mezzanine structure is reasonable, suitable for expand in quite high place. Makes full use of cage and it is an ideal storage tool for making great use of space.

1) Make the best use of existing space with a Mezzanine Built system. Turn that overhead space into a work area, storage space, or even an office for a fraction of the cost of add-on construction.
2) Mezzanine rack offers a wide variety of sizes, heights, and deck materials and can be designed in accordance with OSHA, BOCA, UBC and SBCCA building code regulations. Modular in design, our bar joist and beam systems are easy to install, relocate and add on to.
3) Custom engineered to your specific requirements, Mezzanine racks can be designed around columns, equipment, walls or other unusual conditions.






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