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Pallet live storage

2013-6-14      View:
  • Brand   doad
  • Type   RD-h002
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      Pallet live storage / gravity flow rack is carried out on one side and retrieval on the other side of racking. As soon as a pallet is retrieved, the other pallets move up automatically to the retrieval position on inclined roller conveyors. Brake rollers keep gravity under control and an automatic separating device ensures that the pallet at the front is never under impact pressure from the following pallet. Automatically operated roller conveyors within a channel are available as an option.

1) Combines FIFO (First In-First Out) with high density storage for palletized loads.
2) Incorporates an integral braking system to ensure a smooth flow of pallets with an automatic separation device on the take off face to safeguard operators.
3) The system can be operated using conventional trucks giving high throughput for date sensitive stock.

    Pallet live storage is suitable for large quantities of the same articles. In keeping with the FIFO method, they ensure that goods are rotated effectively.




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