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Cantilever Racking

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  • Brand   road
  • Type   RD-k001
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Cantilever racks are ideal for storing long, unwieldy items. Each kind of rack provides a wide range of flexibility and add-on capability.


What can typically be stored on cantilever racks?
• Aluminum sheets
• Lumber
• Masonite sheets
• Wood crates
• Flake board
• Tubing
• Electrical harness
• sheet steel
• Bars, Pipe, piping
• Conduit, plastics
• Drywall
• Plywood
• Fabricated parts, shafts, or rods


Cantilever rack is the most efficient way to store long and flat materials
A typical pallet rack opening is not large enough to accommodate the load length cantilever racks can easily deal with.
Using cantilever also puts hard-to-store materials into an orderly storage system where they are more accessible and easier to track. Product and inventory control becomes easily accessible for hand or forklift loading and retrieval. Stored items are presented in a highly visible manner, expediting inventory control.
Cantilever racks are perfect for the "pile up" method of storage. This is where product is stacked on the floor forcing the material handler to sort through the entire pile to find what he needs. With cantilever, he can cut his work in half - or more.








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